Articles (by Avi Harel)

מאמרים בעברית

  1. 1997 - What can and what cannot be automated in testing the usability of Windows applications,
    Poster for HCI International '97, San Francisco, CA
  2. 1998 - Automated Usability Testing, Proceedings of STAR 98, Orlando, Florida
  3. 1998 - Usability Testing, STAR 98 West Conference on Software Quality, San Diego, CA
  4. 1998 - Automation in Usability Validation,
    The 11th International Software Quality Week, San Francisco, CA, 6S1
  5. 1999 - New Methods and Practices in Usability Testing, position paper for Workshop in UPA 99, Phoenix, Arizona
  6. 1999 - Crossing the Chasm, position paper for Workshop in UPA 99, Phoenix, Arizona
  7. 1999 - Measuring the Quality of GUI Usability,
    The 12th International Software Quality Week, San Francisco, CA, VT13
  8. 1999 - Automatic Operation Logging and Usability Validation,
    Proceedings of HCI International '99, Munich, Germany, Vol. 1, pp. 1128-1133
  9. 2000 - Measuring the usability of GUI applications,
    International symposium on QA, Jerusalem, 2000
  10. 2000 - User Errors are not Software Bugs,
    SM/ASM 2000 International Conference on Software Management, San Jose, CA, pp. 283-294
  11. 2000 - Methods and Tools for Understanding the Surfer Behavior, Computax 2000, Tel Aviv
  12. 2006 - Alarm Reliability,
    User Experience Magazine, Vol 5., Issue 3.
  13. 2006 - Using Sound for Alerting: Lessons from the War with Hezbollah.
    User Experience Magazine, Vol 5., Issue 3. Postscript
  14. 2008 - Modeling Web Usability Diagnostics on the basis of Usage Statistics ( A. Harel, R. Kenett and F. Ruggeri)
    in:  Statistical Methods in eCommerce Research,  W. Jank and G. Shmueli editors, Wiley
  15. 2008 - Operational Usability Assessment using Web Statistics  (R. Kenett, A. Harel),
    The 15th Conference of Industrial and Management Engineering, Tel-Aviv
  16. 2008 - Standards for Defending Systems against Interaction Faults,
    Incose International Symposium, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  17. 2008 - Decision support for user interface design: Usability diagnosis by time analysis of the user activity, (A. Harel, R. Kenett and F. Ruggeri).
    Proceedings of COMPSAC2008, 32nd Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference
  18. 2008 - Extended System Engineering - ESE: Integrating Usability Engineering in System Engineering, (A. Zonnenshain, A. Harel),
    The 17th International Conference of the Israel Society for Quality, Jerusalem, Israel
  19. 2009 - User Interface Diagnosis by Statistics of the User Activity in Service Oriented Architectures (R. Kenett, A. Harel),
    The Fifth Conference of INCOSE-Israel, Hertzelia, Israel
  20. 2009 - Statistical Analysis of the User Experience
    Invited talk - 2nd Meeting of isENBIS, Hertzelia, Israel
  21. 2009 - Task-oriented System Engineering (A. Zonnenshain, A. Harel),
    INCOSE Annual International Symposium, Singapore.
  22. 2009 - Controlling the usability of Web Services, (R. Kenett, A. Harel, F. Ruggeri)
    International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE), Volume: 19, Issue: 5(2009) pp. 627-651
  23. 2010 - Whose Error is This? Standards for Preventing Use Errors,
    The 16th Conference of Industrial and Management Engineering, Tel-Aviv
  24. 2011 - Mitigating the Risks of Unexpected Events by Systems Engineering (A. Harel, M. Weiss),
    The Sixth Conference of INCOSE-IL, Hertzelia, Israel.
  25. 2011 - Comments on IEC 60601-1-8.
    Letter submitted to IEC/TC 62 working group.
  26. 2011 - Managing the Risks of Use Errors: The ITS Warning Systems Case Study (M. Weiler, A. Harel),
    The Sixth Conference of INCOSE-IL, Hertzelia, Israel.
  27. 2012 - Designing war alarms: a multi-disciplinary approach.
    The Israeli Ergonomics Association on Human Factors Engineering for Military Systems, Netzer Sereny, Israel.
  28. 2013 - Towards families of resilient systems  (A. Zonnenshain, A. Harel).
    The Yossi Levin Conference, Technion, Haifa, Jan. 9th, 2013
  29. 2013 - Resilience-oriented design (A. Zonnenshain, A. Harel).  
    The Seventh Conference of INCOSE-IL, Hertzelia, Israel.
  30. 2015 - A practical guide to assuring the system resilience to operational errors (A. Zonnenshain, A. Harel).  
    INCOSE Annual International Symposium, Seattle.
  31. 2016 - Final report to the Gordon Center for Systems Engineering  (A. Zonnenshain, A. Harel).
  32. 2017 - Systems Engineering Decision Analysis can benefit from Added Consideration of Cognitive Sciences  (S. Jackson, A. Harel). Project Performance International (PPI), SyEN 55, July 19


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