What do experts say about ErgoLight 

Ben Shneiderman

”I know ErgoLight since 1997, when they introduced the first tool for testing the usability of Windows applications. I was impressed by the capability of this tool to obtain meaningful usability information from raw data of users' activity. In particular, I was impressed by the level of detail that ErgoLight patented tools can detect, which is far beyond the information that can be achieved by common practices. Since then, I describe ErgoLight in my human-computer interaction courses at the U. of Maryland. Ben Shneiderman is the head of the Human-Computer-Interaction Laboratory at the U. of Maryland, one of the world's leading authorities on User Interface Design. His pioneering research and writing on hypertext laid the foundation for Internet navigation as is used worldwide today. Ben Shneiderman is the author of the best seller “Designing the User Interface”.

Boris Beizer

”I just finished reading your white paper. It was what I hoped it would be: a professional approach to usability testing. Also, bringing technology to the problem is, as I expected, new and very promising. Any kind of software reliability testing must be based on a statistically valid profile of user behavior. There has been, to my knowledge, no product (other than capture/playback) to serve this need. Your product goes far beyond a simple capture/playback system and also gathers appropriate statistics. It might be just what some organizations are looking for -- a package that will allow them to gather user-profile data without pain and with minimal user awareness. It doesn't solve the whole problem, of course, but it goes a long way. It could be used in a corporate environment, for example, working in cooperation with the application vendor. That eliminates the legal and cultural problems associated with using instrumented systems.” Boris Beizer is a leader in the software testing field and the author of "Black-Box Testing : Techniques for Functional Testing of Software and Systems", the most complete book on black box testing available.

Boris Beizer is an internationally known software consultant with almost four decades of experience in the computer industry. A pioneer in software testing, he is the author of many books on the subject, two of which, "Software Testing Techniques" and "Software System Testing and Quality Assurance" have long been regarded as standards in the field.

Jared Spool

"I think it's great that somebody is working on tools like ErgoLight usability reports. We're looking for analytics that go past rough inferences from sketchy data and actually report information that is helpful... I've looked at the reports and they are better than a lot of the tools we've seen."  Jared M. Spool, is a principal investigator with User Interface Engineering, a consulting firm specializing in product usability and design. He is the editor of "Web Site Usability : A Designer's Guide"

Nigel Bevan

”Previously, ErgoLight has already introduced a set of methods that may be useful for the development of international standards on quality in use of Windows applications. I think ErgoLight new automated web tools are an excellent idea". Nigel Bevan has an international reputation for his work on usability and user centered design. He participates in several international standards groups where he has introduced the concept of quality in use.

Ron Kenett

"ErgoLight product is timely and has an interesting slant on standard testing tools. I am interested in quantitative aspects of software development and this tool produces information that can be quantified - hence help in manage the development and testing process".  Ron S. Kenett, Ph.D. is CEO and Senior Partner of KPA Ltd., an international management consulting firm and Adjunct Full Professor at Tel Aviv University. He is the author of 3 books and 70 publications about various aspects of industrial engineering. 

Thomas Drake

"I am intrigued by ErgoLight emphasis on the human factors side of QA in their toolset and capturing the qualitative nature of something that is really non-parametric by nature".  Mr. Drake is an independent contractor specializing in software quality and management consulting. He is the principal author of a chapter on "Metrics Used for Object-Oriented Software Quality" for a CRC Press Object Technology Handbook published in January of 1999. 

Wolfgang Dzida

”ErgoLight is a well-experienced company that fits in well within providing an engineering, design and test service to small and medium sized software developing companies". Wolfgang Dzida of the Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems is the editor of "Psychological Issues of Human Computer Interaction in the Work Place".